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Bad Hammer - Ghost

Bad Hammer - "Ghost" from "Extended Play" (out march 2019 on Italian Island & Doom Chakra Tapes)
A film by Bad Hammer
Cast: Lizzy Sell, Mario Campos, Pepe Trapiello, Marie Sophie Beckmann, Sami Toroi, Candelaria Saenz Valiente, Marijn Degenaar, Nils Grundke
Cinematography: Carlos Vasquez Color: Muscle Temple Lab
Special Thanks to Judith Schroiff & Claudia Raupach

Pictorial Candi - Stargel

Star Gel or The fall of the house of Usher.
You go back home every year to visit your family and feel as if time there were a solid ("everything is jelly"). A melancholy way to live/die, falling into time like into a pool of star gel.
Star gel is the 2nd. single from her album THE SECRET SALTS, out June 14, 2019 on Mansions & Millions (Berlin) and on Nicey Music (L.A.).
Directed and edited by Candelaria Saenz Valiente (Pictorial Candi)
DoP: Lucia
Nieto Salazar
Color: Aleksander Makowski
Effects: Mario Campos

Pictorial Candi